The best phone plan for your money

The past five years, Zach and I have spent $360 per year on our phone lines and had the same great service as Verizon! Prior to that, we’d tried all the other “cheap phone plans” and not had any success.

Redpocket has saved us over $780 each year compared to our Verizon service!

As we hit 2023, it’s a common thing for everyone to be tightening their budgets without sacrificing quality, and lessening your phone bill is an easy thing to do!

Each year in February, we renew our annual plan for $180 per line and that’s it. There are a variety of other plans for higher data, but we are usually always home and on wifi.

Redpocket also offers monthly plans that can be purchased directly on their site, or through Amazon but with the savings being so large, it’s easy to do the monthly plan when you make the switch!

The only thing that varies from a regular phone plan is that you will need to purchase a phone, change your existing SIM card or buy a used phone. We’ve used swappa for used phones with great luck when we’ve needed one. The phones use the towers you choose, so no matter what your current plan is from you can match up the towers for the same service as your current provider! Their customer service is excellent online (through a computer) to help make sure you are all set-up properly!

We brought our Verizon number and phones directly over, and their site has a feature to check if your phone is compatible!

We love Redpocket so much, we’ve became affiliates for their amazing service, so it’s much appreciated if you use our links to purchase!

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