2023 PGH Elite Bundle

What is the PGH Elite Membership?

 Pleasant Grove Homestead (PGH)’s weekly bundle program, now called PGH Elite offers our high quality produce and all our other products to you on a weekly basis for 22 weeks beginning May 20! As a member of the PGH Elite, all of our products we offer will be available to you before other customers. Your payment is made early in the year when our farm incurs the most expenses, and as a thank you for your early investment you get a discount & first claim on our products! This is our 3rd year of operating our bundle program and we are excited to have it re-branded into this exclusive group. We only take TEN families for our program per community, so secure your spot early! Past recipients get first offer to re-join. 

Unlike a traditional CSA we let you choose your products each week. That means meat, farm fresh eggs and sourdough bread can also be options in addition to your produce. This year, we’ve improved our online ordering system to make things quick and efficient for our farm and you.

With the installation of our high tunnel, we now have the ability to jump start and extend the season with fresh produce no matter how cold (or hot!) spring may be. We’re aiming for salad, herbs, spinach, and carrots and more early May.

We look forward to you being able to log-in to our new website each week and select items totaling up to the weekly value you selected. You will get first chance to claim our products, a discount & choice of a range of quality items. If you’d like us to make the selection for you each week, just choose the “surprise me!” option on your order.

Our large bundles are good for a family of four who eat at home most days, valued at $40 per week. Our small bundles are a nice fit for a couple who eats at home rather often or a family with small children, valued at $20 per week. It’s our goal that you choose us as your main produce option for the entire growing season– there’s no need for a grocery stop with the variety we offer!

What does it cost to join PGH Elite?

Our small bundle is $400 for 22 weeks and you will receive a credit of $20 each week to choose your items. ($18.18 per week)

Our large bundle is $800 for 22 weeks and you will receive a credit of $40 each week to choose your items. ($36.36 per week)

Where can I get my bundle?

Here are the pickup options for 2023’s program:

  • Farm Pickup, Wednesday or Friday, Montezuma, Iowa
  • Montezuma Square, Thursdays 3:30-5
  • Oskaloosa Farmer’s Market, Saturday 8-11 downtown

When do I pay for PGH Elite? 

Our bundle recipients receive a discount for paying for their bundles upfront. We start collecting funds in January and February and will close the payment when spots are filled. Payment is what secures your spot in our program. You can easily pay online, send a check to us at 5390 Barnes City Road, Montezuma, IA 50171 or pay in cash. Remember the credit card fees keep over 3.5% of each transaction, but we understand if you need to pay that way! 🙂

If you are paying with an Iowa EBT card, by law we cannot accept payment more than one month in advance. We will make those arrangements with you. Leave us a note in the checkout field.

What will I see in my bundle options? 

With our bundles, you will see the changing of the seasons in the most real way. By making the investment up front, you will experience all of the highs and lows of produce growing without the physical labor! You will be waiting for that first ripe tomato alongside our family. In the past, our bundle recipients have been the only ones eligible for some crops that we didn’t produce enough of for regular markets. Below is a chart with what we intend to harvest by month, but it’s never a guarantee living in Iowa.

How does PGH Elite benefit me/my family? 

  1. You receive “first dibs” on all our products. The ordering for our weekly bundles opens prior to the public! NEW for 2023, we won’t hold back any items UNLESS you are a bundle member!
  2. You receive a discount! For example, the small bundle provides $40 worth the produce for only $36!
  3. Online ordering gives you the most fresh produce, without the wait in the store or Farmer’s Market line. We will have your package all bundled up and ready for you! 
  4. You get to see the ebb and flow of a produce farm in real-life at your dinner table each week.

How does PGH Elite benefit Pleasant Grove Homestead?

  1. Your advance purchase enables us to make purchases ahead of the season. Usually our bills in January for seeds cost our operation thousands of dollars– and that’s just the start! Your purchase shows us how to plan and pay for our production.
  2. Your support gives us hope and encouragement in the winter months. We start planting seeds in late February but often don’t see any return (harvest or financial-wise) until July. Seeing the excitement around enrolling in our weekly bundle program lets us know you are excited about our products, too!
  3. Your investment shows that you believe in our produce farm and mission to provide high quality products!

How do I join?

Past members will claim their spots in January in our online store. any remaining spots will open in February for new members. Join the wait list below!

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