Best books for frugal cooking

Looking for frugal cooking tips and tricks? These cookbooks are the best books to pull off the shelf. From using your own produce, buying cheaper cuts of meats all the way to stretching meals further, we can’t recommend these enough!

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Freeze Fresh is our top book for freezing delicious produce in the summer months! I’d trust the author’s (Crystal from Wholefed Homestead) recipes and ideas without hesitation! Easy to follow instructions with beautiful summer flavors into the winter!

Natural Art of Cheesemaking is a must have for the milk cow owner in your life! This book focuses on using whey and keifer instead of freeze dried cultures.

More with Less Cookbook there are many versions of this book, and all are wonderful, but this one is the best priced! Ashley was gifted this book when she lived in Niger, and it definitely provided delicious meals with easy ingredients!

Ball Canning Book is a must have if you have a garden or buy local produce! This version of the ball book covers all the basics in a clear and concise way for a new canner to understand.

We hope you enjoy our recommendations as much as we do! Frugal kitchens don’t need to sacrifice flavor. Purchasing a book through the links provided help our family financially, especially during the winter months when the farmer’s markets are less frequent!

With love,

The Wenkes

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