Here at Pleasant Grove Homestead, Ashley and Zachary Wenke only believe in putting the best of the best on our family table and yours!

Where to shop Pleasant Grove Homestead

Pleasant Grove Homestead is located in Montezuma, Iowa, where our products are available for local pickup, or in surrounding towns!

If you are local to Montezuma, you can pick up your order directly from our farm, or in nearby pickup locations. See the options listed below.

You can also purchase our items in Des Moines, IA, Grinnell, IA, and Iowa City, IA.

Des Moines, IA

Des Moines residents can shop in-store or order online through the Iowa Food Cooperative. It is a bi-weekly online order. Located on Franklin Street, it’s easily accessible! Order by Sunday at midnight to pickup Thursday or Friday.

Grinnell, IA

Grinnell residents can shop through Grinnell Farm to Table. Pick-ups are biweekly from May to September and monthly November to April. The pickup is on Wednesday’s 5 pm-7 pm at 1032 Main Street, Grinnell IA.

Grinnell Farm to Table

Iowa City, IA

Iowa City residents can shop through Field to Family, which runs Earth Day to Winter Solstice on a weekly basis. Shop Sunday 5 pm to Tuesday Noon for Thursday pickup.

Shopping Local

When you are shopping locally, you can order through our online ordering platform. We then have a few pickup locations available!

Farm Pick-up at Pleasant Grove Homestead – Monday to Saturday 3 pm-5 pm: Please order online and pick up between 3-5 pm, this allows us to make sure we have your product ready for you!

Montezuma on Thursdays 4 pm -5 pm – yearly at the library. NEW summer 2024: ONLY pick-up available (we will not have a booth set up this year) Order by Tuesday at 7 pm for Thursday pick-up.

Oskaloosa Farmers Market – Every Saturday, May 18-November. 8 am -12 pm – Located in front of the Mahaska County Courthouse. You can come shop at the farmers market, or order online ahead of time to ensure product availability. PGH Elite members and other pre-orders can be placed by Thursday 5 PM.

Pastured Poultry

Our egg layers and meat chickens are raised on pasture as soon as they can be, and supplemented with plenty of garden scraps and milk or whey from our family milk cow. All our birds are fed a freshly ground NON-GMO/organic grain ration to support their health.

Pastured Pork

Our two Herford cross mama sows raise our piglets until they are ready to be turned out to graze. In addition to all the garden scraps, fresh milk/whey, and foraging, they do get a ration of traditional corn and soy to maintain their condition.

Vegetables and Fruit

Each season a large outdoor garden and 3 high tunnels are managed by our family and the help of friends! Our weeds are managed by hand and fire, as well as pests. This offers a premium product, without the use of any chemicals or sprays.


Beekeeping is a small part of what we do, but we believe bees are essential to pollinating our garden. The honey sold is just a bonus (and often in small supply)! Our hives never leave the radius of of our farm, meaning all the allergen benefits of local honey are truly local!

Join our PGH Elite

If all that wasn’t enough, we have a program for YOU to help our family continue our farm during the slower months. You can learn more about our premium subscription club here and join for a summer filled with priority choice of our products!

Payments accepted

Payments we accept on the farm and at markets.

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We do & hope to expand this in the future! We have hosted teacher workshops, YMCA day camps & homeschool tours! Contact us with a date and time you have in mind for your event. Please be mindful of our limited schedule due to harvest and distribution days!

We also happily present at events & workshops as educators. We have a “Poultry for Profit” and “Selling Eggs for Profit” workshops, as well as Beekeeping and Canning workshops, and can tailor other presentations to your event. 

Different products require different licenses. We have many of the required licenses, but not all. For example, we hold an egg handler’s license which allows us to sell eggs through storefronts, but we do not hold a commercial kitchen license, which means we cannot sell honey or sourdough through the cooperatives, as they are considered retail stores.