Bulk pork example of half hog for freezer

Here’s a half hog order for a family in January of 2022. Half hogs are great for a family of two, and they will easily fit in a freezer above a fridge if it were empty. Just know, everyone’s biggest piece of feedback from a half hog is that they wish they’d claimed a whole. ūüėČ

Hanging Weight: 120 pounds (half of 240 pounds)
Price paid to Pleasant Grove Homestead: $240 ($2 per pound of hanging weight) 
Price paid to Wanders Farms for processing and seasoning: $191.15
Pounds of meat in freezer: 90 pounds
Price paid per pound in freezer: $4.79

Cuts received:

– 12 pounds bacon

– 13 ham steaks

– 3 shoulder roasts

– 5 pounds ground pork

– 5 pounds Italian seasoned pork 

– 8 Iowa Chop packages, 2 per pack

– 1 pack spare ribs

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