Whole Hog Purchase Example from Pleasant Grove Homestead

Processing in January 2022, this pork order filled a families freezer with a variety of high qualify pork for less than $4.52 per pound!

Listed is an example of a family of four who wants to avoid grocery store meat at all costs. Processed in August, they wanted a variety of grilling options like Iowa Chops and skinless brats! 

Hanging Weight: 225 pounds- this family asked for the largest hog. ūüėČ
Price paid to Pleasant Grove Homestead: $450 ($2 per pound of hanging weight) 
Price paid to Wanders Farms for processing and seasoning: $327.84 
Pounds of meat in freezer: 172 
Price paid per pound in freezer: $4.52

Cuts received:
– 5 packs of skinless cheddar cheese brats
– 15 pounds breakfast sausage 
– 10 pounds ground pork 
– 1 true tender (tenderloin)
– 22 uncured ham (fresh) and shoulder roasts (client did not get any hams, but got more roasts)
– 8 packs of Iowa chops, 2 per pack
– 1 large boinless loin
– 30 pounds of bacon
– 6 quarts leaf lard (rendered by family) 

This family was happy to pay extra for the variety of cuts and seasoned meats they recieved, but if they were on a budget, they could lower their costs by not getting brats and breakfast sausage as both of those have extra charges for seasonings. However, the price per pound is much lower than what one would expect to pay for such products! 

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