2024 Farm to Table Holiday Gift Guide

We’ve got loads of farm to table options for your gift giving this season, 2023 will be the best year ever to give the types of gifts that keep on giving, and no one would love anything more than a gift they can eat!

Pleasant Grove Homestead has complied this list of top from the farm gifts everyone would love to receive this year– and everyone can feel good about giving on any budget!

Gift Card or Store Credit Option

The simplest gift is using our new online store’s Credit feature! Just like an amazon gift card, you will electronically send them a credit to use on any product in our store, at any time they wish!

Watch the video to the left to see how it’s done!

Sadly, this does require using a card on file or an ACH, so if you are looking for an alternative, we will mail or deliver you a gift certificate for any amount!

Meat Bundle

In 2022, we sent out a large number of orders of bundles of our chicken and pork to give out as gifts. You can either send us an email with your budget and we will work out the details, or you can create your own custom bundle online! Leave us a note at checkout and we’ll put it in an insulated tote with some ribbon for you!

Farm Subscription

While we aren’t quite ready to open the enrollments for our 2024 PGH Elite *quite* yet, we’ve got subscriptions for eggs, raw milk and produce listed on our site. A subscription is a farm pick up or delivery of products on a weekly basis– we call that the gift that keeps on giving!

Whole or Half Hog Purchase

We’ve love being on the gifting and giving end of a whole hog purchase! For families with grown kids, everyone will love getting a portion of bacon, breakfast sausage and ham from our farm and processed at Wanders Farms! We’ve got pigs headed here in the winter months, and you can learn how ordering the whole hog works here. In short, you’ll be paying use for the hog and the locker to process the meat exactly how you’d like.

Freezer Meal Bundle

This is definitely not something from our farm, but I am so excited to promote this stellar Iowa business! We’ve enjoyed gifting and receiving Chilled Freezer meals personally, and they are all amazing! They have two sites depending on where you live, making it the perfect gift for loved ones near and far!

If you use the code PLEASANTGROVEHOMESTEAD, you will get $20 off of an $80 purchase! We’ve loved gifting (and receiving!) these meals for holidays, birthdays and as newborns enter the world!

Delivery in Des Moines and Eastern Iowa

Shipped everywhere else!

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