Example of high quality bulk pork cuts ordered from local farm

Example #2 from April 2022 showcases a large variety of cuts from a whole hog. This was a families first experience ordering a whole hog and it perfectly fit into a 5 cubic foot freezer! 

If you start getting lost in the lingo, be sure to read our post “Cuts of Pork from a whole hog.”

Hanging Weight: 175 pounds
Price paid to Pleasant Grove Homestead: $350 ($2 per pound of hanging weight) 
Price paid to Wanders Farms locker for processing and seasoning: $293.05
Pounds of meat in freezer: 139 
Price paid per pound in freezer: $4.63

Cuts received:

  • 20 #1 packages of bacon 
  • 9 ham steaks
  • 6 hams (variety of sizes)
  • 25 #1 packages of breakfast sausage 
  • 2 packages of spare ribs 
  • 3 shoulder roast steaks (2 per package)
  • 5 shoulder roasts
  • 15 packages Iowa Chops (2 per package)

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Need more examples? Here’s Example #3!

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