Whole Hog Example #3

This family with 2 young kiddos was happy to fill their freezer with delicious pork– so happy they placed an order for a half hog worth the brats and bacon the day after picking up this hog from the locker! 

Hanging Weight: 160 pounds
Price paid to Pleasant Grove Homestead: $320 ($2 per pound of hanging weight) 
Price paid to Wanders Farms for processing and seasoning: $276
Pounds of meat in freezer: 135 
Price paid per pound in freezer: $4.41

  • 12 #1 packages ground pork (no seasoning)
  • 12 #1 packages ground sausage 
  • 6 ham steaks
  • 11 small hams 
  • 17 packages Iowa Chops (2 chops per pack) 
  • 17 packages bacon
  • 1 package bacon ends
  • 7 shoulder roasts
  • 2 packs spare ribs
  • soup bones
  • 4 pounds leaf lard

For an incredible value, this family is well-stocked in pork for quite some time! Remember, if you see something you don’t like, tell the processor you’d like more ground for your favorite brats or breakfast sausage!  

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