5 steps for local food in 2023

We are excited to be focusing on a few new things to help secure fresh and local food in the heart of Iowa in 2023. We hope you’ll join along, there’s something for everyone– from growing your own garden to snagging our products easy!

  1. New places & ways to find our produce and meat!
  2. Re-branded Bundle Program!
    • Our weekly program has been both re-braded and expanded to take in more clients! Ten members per community can be a part of our “PGH Elite” program.
    • In January, members can re-enroll and we will open it for new members in February
  3. Home Garden Support
    • If you’ve ever wanted to start your own garden, now is the time! We are offering a bundle to till, consult and provide the plants. You have our support in caring and planting your very own garden!
  4. More Products
    • We are excited to offer more herbs, spice blends and seasonings in 2023!
    • We will also be offering “seconds” at a discount when available. Tasty, but blemished produce. Items like broken carrots or damaged potatoes
  5. More consistent harvests
    • In 2023 we have a new (to us!) high tunnel and greenhouse. We’ve got big plans to ensure we’ve got tables full of crops at markets each week!

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