Pleasant Grove Homestead 2023 Harvest Calendar

There’s just 3 weeks until we start seeding some of our crops, and we’ve finally got a plan ready to share with you!

Each year, we fine tune and make additions to our garden plots. It’s 2023 and here’s what’s new:

  • We’ve got our main bed of 88 100 foot rows but the potatoes, sweet potatoes and melons are getting kicked to a new area
  • The high tunnel and greenhouse will allow us to get more plants into the ground sooner
  • Fall of 2022 we added an additional quarter acre of strawberries & 250 raspberry plants. Both of these varieties are hardier and will travel farm to table better
  • A stronger succession plan for plantings. Ideally, we’d be harvesting most crops the entire season with no gaps!

Below you’ll find a harvest chart, but please remember it’s anticipated and the weather or other circumstances can flip on a dime– like 2022’s insane heat in June causing the strawberry harvest to last less than 10 days!

See you in May with tables full of fresh produce, and order online for farm pickup in the meantime!

If you are interested getting first call on our farm fresh produce, join the waitlist for the PGH Elite!

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