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Follow along and see what our meals look like in a week! We often get asked about meal plans but honestly we have such an ebb and flow to our food supply we don’t really plan out meals. In this post, I will cover our hierarchy of using food as well as what we ate during the week.

A few notes about our buying/eating habits that will be useful insight:

  • We are a family of 5, with three kids four an under
  • We raise 100% of our own meat, except during Lent (right now!). Hence the fish sticks 😉
  • We grow a lot of our own food, but also don’t turn away “this broccoli is almost spoiled” (read: free) or “can you kids have this treat?”
  • When we buy things from Azure Standard or the grocery, we are typically buying for months or week’s ahead, not necessarily for that week. It has taken a long time to build that up, but it makes a difference!

Below is a snapshot of what we ate in a week! It’s pretty basic, as most of our meals are variations of cuts of meat from the freezer paired with storage crops. What isn’t written is that almost every meal is paired with fermented veggies like saurkraut, relish, raw cheese, or the spinach still growing in our tunnel. For drinks, we rely on coffee, water, raw milk. We have juice or ginger beer on “Pizza Fridays!”

To give a wild estimate, I’d say 20% of the meal components listed below were “store bought” or “not homegrown.” Buns, toast, oatmeal, beans, fish sticks, etc.

This is for the week of March 4.

This was a pick up week for Azure Standard. See what we ordered!

Eating 100% of food raised with your own hands often sounds great in theory, but it’s not a perfect world. Each year we work towards a few areas to eat more from home and produce more ourselves. This year, we focused on potatoes & extending the greens season, both of which we excelled at! In 2023, we hope to spend more time fishing to prepare for the Lenten season and take more time prepping and eating the fresh vegetables during the growing season!

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