The Homestead Imposter Syndrome Meal diary

As I thought back to this weeks meals, I couldn’t really recall what happened, where we were, or what happened over the last seven days. After reflection, we actually weren’t home much, and we had the epic realization we had a free Casey’s pizza waiting for us on our app when it was a late night delivering to the Iowa Food Cooperative!

So alas, here’s the “The Wenke’s eat meals that aren’t homegrown!” meal diary!

Zach and Ashley enjoyed a fantastic night away to Ames with a Farm Bureau presentation and wonderful food at the conference– McDonalds with the family after white knuckle driving in the snow to pick up the children & the diary doesn’t show it but we actually had Starbucks breakfast sandwiches because we didn’t realize the conference had breakfast!

While we easily could have *forgotten* to share our meal plan, we think it’s critical to understand we aren’t purists or anti-anything. We eat a wide variety of food– we love the food that we raise with our own to hands ourselves, but sometimes Casey’s pizza is just what happens!

However, I will close with this– does anyone else’s family have this experience where every eats more than an adult sized meal at McDonald’s and still comes home starving?

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