Italian Sausage


Our Italian Sausage comes in a one pound tube.

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Delicious Italian seasoning added to our pasture raised pork to create an Italian sausage that will make any dish a big hit!

Our pork is born and raised on our farm. Each pig is raised outside all year with room to roam, soak in the mud or bury in the straw. In addition to locally grown grain, our pork is supplemented with lots of produce scraps and milk or whey from our family milk cow.

Outdoor raised pork is higher in omega-3 fatty acids with a flavor that is suburb. Pork pieces sold separately are processed at Milo Locker to receive their inspected label. Pork purchased as either a whole hog or half hog, are processed at Wanders Farms in Otley, Iowa.

Our Italian Sausage comes in a one pound tube.

Don’t forget to grab some farm fresh eggs to make the perfect breakfast pairing!

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