Chicken Wings


Our packages of Chicken Wings average 1.9 pounds. Our price per pound is $6.50 and we will find the closest package to the average weight. 

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Chicken wings make a great addition to any party, family gathering or even a week day meal.

Our chickens are raised almost exclusively on pasture. This allows them to be able to nourish and fertilize the soil as they graze. We supplement their grazing with a locally grown, non-GMO, organic feed mix along with produce and whey from our family milk cow.

Our chickens are put outside from the day they gain their feathers, until the day they are processed. We use a USDA inspected processing facility and hold a proper license to resell frozen meat.

Iowa EBT, Double Up Food Bucks and WIC/Senior checks are accepted for this item. Select cash upon checkout and leave a note that you will be paying with one of these options. 

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